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Derelict Craft



Alternate Theory of the Derelict Crew


       The crew of the ill-fated Nostromo is ordered by the Wayland Yutani Corporation to investigate the origin of a distress/ warning signal on planet LV-426. Upon arrival, Dallas, Lambert, and Kane (of the Nostromo) walk to the source of the transmission and encounter a non-indigenous derelict spacecraft (designed for the movie by Swiss surrealist H.R. Geiger). The origin of the spacecraft and/ or the fate of the ship's crew is subject to much debate among fans of the Alien Saga.



       After the re-release of 1979's Alien and the subsequent special edition deleted scenes, I formulated a theory as to one specific aspect of the fate of the derelict spacecraft's missing crew, and also an alternate view on the originally conceived lifecycle of the creature...
       For anyone who has seen the additional deleted cocoon sequence in Alien, it is apparent that H.R. Geiger originally desired the species to be created in part through a type of asexual reporduction, rather than a solely queen-centered model. For those of you who have not seen the deleted scene... While Ripley is attempting to escape the Nostromo, she is distracted by a continuing painful groan. With flamethrower in hand, she inadvertantly stumbles upon the nest of the Alien creature. The walls of the ship are covered by thick secreted resin, much like the Alien hive entered by the Colonial Marines in Aliens. Upon entry, she sees Dallas and Bret trapped against the walls. It is obvious that Bret's body is transforming into an Alien Egg, which would presumably contain a facehugger.



       Dallas is resinated in position destined to suffer the same fate. In a harsh rasping voice he beggs Ripley to end his life. And with the scorching fire of the flame-thrower, his dying wish is granted.



       This scene solidifies a solution to the mystery that envelops the demise of the inhabitants of the derelict spacecraft. I have no factual ground on which to base an assertion as to how the crew of the derelict came into contact with the Alien. However, with confidence I state that the crew were infected one by one or by a massive attack, each individual resinated in place in the Egg Chamber dead or alive, and over an unspecified amount of time each transformed into an egg, becoming the very lifeforce of the organism that destroyed them.
       Perhaps the plight of the Nostromo crew mirrored the experiences of the Derelict Ship and its crew. After all, if what I've said is true..... The Alien on the Nostromo could have realistically destroyed every human on the ship, possibly leaving the last survivor just enough time to send out a final warning signal..... The Nostromo could have crashed on a deserted planet in the far reaches of the galaxy.... Another race of space travelers could discover the crashed human derelict spacecraft.... Upon entry into the craft in the distant future the only relic of human likeness would be the scorched remains of Ash, much like Nostromo crew stumbled upon the biomechanoid space jockey in the Derelict on LV-426.... And as with the crew of the LV-426 Derelict, the Alien eggs on the Nostromo, (transformed from the members of the crew) would be the only remenants of the life that was stolen from the Human crew of the ill-fated Nostromo.




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