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The Rain Desert
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The Rain Desert

What's Up :-) The Rain Desert has the best food, service, and atmosphere out of any location around. You can always find live music, great artwork, and the most laid back crowd. Definitely a must on any night of the week. Check out their website @  or even better, stop by at 13 Water Street, Danielson, CT, 06239... If you don't know where it is, plug in the directions to and you're good to go!!! :-)

Mr. Potato Head Fries.....  $3.50
Idaho White Potato Fries With Our Special Curry Ketchup.
Cheech 'n Chong Fries..... $3.50
Stoned Sweet Potato Fries Served With A Maple Dijon Dipping Sauce.
Timothy Leary..... $5.95
Cosmic Mozzerella Balls Served With Marinara Sauce & Fresh Italian Bread.
Beavis & Butthead..... $4.95
Beefsteak Tomatoes On Crouton Toast With A Crisp Parmesan
Breading & A Tarragon Vinegrette Sauce.
Anthem Of The Sun..... $4.95
Crusty Italian Bread With Sun Dried Tomatoes & Garlic Pesto,
Roasted Onions & Parmesan Cheese.
Shakedown Street..... $2.95
Roasted Garlic Bread Jammin' With Marinara Sauce & Mozzerella CXheese.
Steal Your Faces..... $3.95
Garlic Bread Topped With Melted Semi-Sweet Chocolate.
Aoxomoxoa..... $6.95
Crouton Toast With A Veggie Cream Cheese, Scallions, Shrimp & Cocktail Sauce.
Blues For Allah..... $2.95
Toasted Syrian Wedges With Whole Roasted Garlic Clove For Spreading.
Europe '72.....  $4.95
Italian Bread With Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce & Mozzerella Cheese.
Mexican Cigar..... $6.95
Spicy Ground Beef, Black Beans, Rice & Cheddar Cheese 
Rolled Into Flakey Pastry & Deep Fried.
Served With Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream.
Presidential Cigar..... $6.95
Crabmeat, Creamcheese, Scallions & Brocolli Rolled
Into A Flakey Pastry & Deep Fried.
Served With A Lewinski Dipping Sauce.
Vegetarian Cigar..... $5.95
Red Cabbage, Scallions, Carrots, Black Beans & Jasmine Rice 
Rolled Into A Flakey Pastry & Deep Fried.
Comes Served With Ranch Dressing.
Chicken Phuket..... $5.95
Bangkok Beef..... $5.95
Three Skewers Broiled In A Sweet/Hot Marinade & Served Over Jasmine Rice.
Happy Trails..... $5.95
Button Mushrooms Filled With Brocolli & Cheddar Cheese,
Then Topped With A Creamy Asparagus Sauce.
30 Seconds Over Winterland..... $6.95
Baked Portabella Topped With A Breaded Beefsteak Tomato,
Pepperoni & Smoked Gouda Cheese.
Dirty Business..... $6.95
Portabella Filled With Greek Marinated Eggplant, Black Olives,
Roasted Red Peppers & Feta Cheese.
Shrimp Of The Desert.....  $9.95
Jumbo Shrimp Baked In Garlic Butter & Topped With 
Toasted Italian Bread Loaf For Dipping.
Urban Shrimp.....  $9.95
Four Jumbo Shrimp Chillin' With Our House Cocktail Sauce.
Jungle Shrimp.....  $9.95
Jumbo Shrimp Deep Fried In ALight Coconut Batter 
& Served Over Jasmine Rice.
Spin Dip.....  $5.95
Fresh Spinach & Artichoke Hearts Mixed With Three Cheese
Then Served Hot With Tortilla Chips.
Drunken Mariachi.....  $6.95
Seasoned Ground Beef Layered With Salsa, Cheddar Cheese & Tomatoes
Then Served Hot With Fresh Tortilla Chips.
Disco Still Sucks.....  $6.95
Pepperoni, Green Peppers & Mushrooms In An Italian 
Tomato Sauce Topped With Melted Mozzerella.
Served With Garlic Bread Sticks.
Jumbo Chicken Wings.....  $5.95
Buffalo, Margarita, Bourbon BBQ, Pepper-Garlic, Maple Dijon, 
Curryaki Or Wicked Hot*
* Wicked Hot Wings Are Non-Returnable 
Led Zeppelin Spinach Salad.....  $6.95
Spinach & Mixed Greens Topped With Fresh Marinated Eggplant, Feta Cheese,
Beefsteak Tomatoes, Black Olives & Bannana Pepper Rings.
Served With Olive Oil & Red Wine Vinegrette.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Greens..... $6.95
Baby Greens, Cucumbers, Red Peppers, Nuts, Manderin Oranges & Strawberries
Tossed In A Sweet Warm Maple & Manderin Orange Dressing.
Desert Rain Middle Eastern Mix..... $5.95
Mixed Greens Topped With Curryaki Falafel Balls, Carrots,
Pickles, Bermuda Onions & Fried Syrian Croutons.
Served With  A Spicy Red Curry Dill Dressing.
John & Yoko Antipasto.....  $6.95
Mixed Greens Topped With Fresh Mozzerella Cheese, Pepperoni,
Tomatoes, Red Onions & Banana Peppers.
Served With A Vinegrette Dressing & Tarragon Crouton Toast.
Los Lobos Taco Salad.....  $7.95
Seasoned Steak Or Chicken Breast Served On Mixed Greens With Cheddar Cheese,
Fried Corn Tortilla Strips, Salsa, Guacanole & Sour Cream.
Neville Brother's Funky Caeser.....  $5.95
Romaine Lettuce, Bacon, Fresh Parmesan & Fried Syrian Croutons
Served With Our Ranch Dressing.
King Crimson.....  $7.95
With Bermuda Onion, Beefsteak Tomato, Lettuce 
& Horseradish Mayo On Italian Bread.
Pink Floyd.....  $7.95
With Smoked Gouda Cheese, Bacon, Roasted Red Pepper & 
Guacamole On Whole Grain Bread.
Led Zeppelin.....  $7.95
Served Open Faced With Mushroom Gravy & Swiss Cheese
On A Toasted Garlic Bread.
Rolling Stones.....  $7.95
Thick & Spicy Hot!  Served On A Pretzel Roll With
Spicy Corn Relish & Baby Greens.
Jethro Tull.....  $7.95
With Vegetable Cream Cheese, Fresh Spinach & Exceedingly Happy
Shredded Carrots In A Flour Tortilla.
Bison Burger.....  $5.95
1/4 Pound Of Locally Raised Bison.
A Healthier Alternative To Beef With 80% Less Fat.
Jalapeno Turkey Burger.....  $5.95
1/4 Pound Of Lean Ground Turkey
With Our Own Special Seasonings.
Pretzel Logic.....  $6.95
With Sauteed Mushrooms, Melted Swiss Cheese, Romaine Lettuce
& Honey Dijon Sauce On A Pretzel Roll.
Midnight Rider.....  $6.95
With Bacon,Lettuce, Beefsteak Tomatoes & Ranch Dressing
On Whole Grain Toast.
Burning Down The House.....  $6.95
Cooked In Our Buffalo Hot Sauce Then Topped With Sauteed Onions,
Peppers, Lettuce & Bleu Cheese Stuffed In A Syrian Pocket.
Evil Ways.....  $6.95
Toasted Italian Bread Piled High With Chicken,Pepperoni & Scallions Then
Topped With Our House Tomato Sauce & Melted Mozzerella Cheese.
Strange Days.....  $6.95
Sauteed With Fresh Mushrooms In A Rich Marsala Wine Glaze
Then Stuffed In A Soft Syrian Pocket With Jasmine Rice.
Dixie Chicken.....  $6.95
Marinated In Our Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce Then Topped With
Cheddar Cheese & Crisp Onion Rings On A Pretzel Roll.
Low Budget Europe.....  $6.95
Breaded & Deep Fried Then Topped With Tomato Sauce, Banana Pepper Rings
& Mozzerella Cheese On Toasted Italian Bread.
Breaded & Deep Fried Then Topped With Our Fabulous Sausage Stuffing On A
Pretzel Roll With Mayonaise.   Served With Cranberry Sauce. 
Pig Song.....  $6.95
Breaded & Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Served In A Syrian Pocket
With An Authentic Mushroom "Hunter's" Gravy.
Clovis Pocket.....  $6.95
Roasted & Sliced, Then Stuffed In A Soft Syrian Pocket With Sauteed Onion,
Cheddar Cheese & A Maple Cinnamon Glaze.
Cop On The Beat.....  $6.95
Sliced Pork, Bacon, Roasted Onions, Smoked Gouda Cheese & Baby Greens
Rolled In A Soft Flour Tortilla With Honey Dijon Dressing.
The Mighty Quinn.....  $5.95
With American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomasto
& Mayonaise On Toasted Italian Bread.
Simple Twist Of Fate.....  $5.95
With Sausage Stuffing & Mayonaise On A Toasted Pretzel Roll.
Served With Cranberry Sauce.
Maggie's Farm.....  $5.95
With Smoked Gouda Cheese, Shredded Carrots, Mixed Baby Greens
& Ranch Dressing In A Soft Syrian Pocket.
Rainy Day Woman.....  $5.95
With Cheddar Cheese, Corn & Rice Deep Fried In A Flour Tortilla.
Served With Salsa, Guacamole & Sour Cream.
Slow Train.....  $5.95
Served Open Faced On Whole Grain Toast With Mushroom Gravy.
Comes With Lettuce & Tomato.
Panama Red.....  $6.95
Broiled With Buffalo Style Hot Sauce Then Topped With Mozzerella Cheese
& Roasted Red Peppers On Toasted Italian Bread.
Office Cowboy.....  $6.95
With American Cheese, Carmelized Onions, Lettuce & Tomato
Then Served With Cowboy Catchup On A Pretzel Roll.
Corned Beef, Turkey Or Falafel..... $6.95
Grilled With Swiss Cheese, Red Cabbage Slaw &
Thousand Island Dressing On A Pretzel Roll.
Greek Theater Falafel.....  $5.95
Authentic Middle eastern Staple Served In A Syrian Pocket 
With Red Cabbage Slaw, Our House Salsa & A Cucumber Dill Dressing. 
Providence Civic Center.....  $5.95
Fresh Eggplant Breaded & Deep Fried With Sun Dried Tomato Pesto &
Mozzerella Cheese On Toasted Italian Bread.
Fillmore Pocket.....  $5.95
Fresh Spinach, Sliced Strawberries, Groovy Cucumbers,
Shredded Carrots & Ranch Dressing In A Syrian Pocket.
Red Rocks Wrap.....  $5.95
BBQ Onions, Jasmine Rice, Cheddar Cheese, Baby Greens, Sweet Corn
& Guacamole In A Soft Flour Tortilla.
Madison Square Garden.....  $5.95
Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes, Leaf Fettuce, Roasted Red Peppers,
Swiss Cheese & Honey Dijon Dressing On Whole Grain Bread.
Watkin's Glen Portabella.....  $5.95
Rock Out With This Italian Marinated Jumbo Portabella, Roasted Red Peppers,
Fried Onions & Mozzerella Cheese On A Pretzel Roll.

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