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Suggested Readings

The listings below are books related to the Alien Movies or to the artwork of the artistic mastermind behind the creature, H.R. Giger...

Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual - This book provides incredible insight into the technical makeup of the Colonial Marines battlegear. In addition, the book has a spectacular running conversation between biologists reviewing the avaliable data on Aliens. This provides a greater level of understanding into the lifecycle and realism of the creature...


The Making of Alien Resurrection - This is a valuable tool for any person seeking to learn about the production of and evolution of "Alien Resurrection."
It provides detailed progressive sketches along with an incredible amount of technical data relating to the film...


Giger's Alien - For any individual who is interested in H.R. Giger's creation of the Alien species, this is the ideal book to purchase. It contains meticulas detail regarding the planning, effort, and vision put forth by all the creators...




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